Custom Art and Murals in Eugene OR

Let us create beautiful piece of art customized for you!

Examples include:

Murals for businesses or residential buildings/walls

Paintings from real life or photos

Portraits ( People, pets, houses)

and more!

Please read the following policies before inquiring:

  • 30 mins free consultation
  • Project price:
  • $350 flat fee (7 hours at $60 per hour)
    • painting up to 16″ x 20″ canvas
  • $350+ price of canvas/materials
    • painting larger than 16″ x 20″ ($50-$200 canvas)
  • $500-$2000 mural (plus materials & equipment rentals)
  • Once design is approved ,half of project price due before starting work(non refundable in event of cancelation), half due at completion.
  • Expect at least 2 weeks for project completion; duration depends on the specifications of the project (scale, clarity of concept, material or building accessibility, etc.)
  • Substantial detailing or additional modifications (more than 3 hours of labor) will be $60/hour in addition to project price
  • Let us know along the way what we can do to make this project successful for you!